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This deluxe edition is in an oversize format (a third larger than the regular edition); includes 18 additional pages of lovely watercolors, illustrations, studies, and sketches by Vince; and has an extra-illustrated limitation page signed by both Zep and Vince.

From the bestselling Zep, with artwork by Vince (half of the French art team Stan & Vince), an exquisitely drawn graphic novel about a young woman who discovers that her body has a unique and exceptional power: it changes sex with every orgasm! Regularly appearing as the opposite sex, Esmera has to deal with the misunderstandings that ensue.

Vince says of the technique he employed for this book: "classic technique: the pages are penciled and inked on paper, on which I also spend gray values (in marker or ink). Then they are scanned, and I add a layer of wash, scanned too, I am working to bring light and shadow and a light ivory color that brings a certain sweetness in the drawing. Very classical, you see!"

Stan & Vince met in art school and formally begin their partnership in 1993. They drew comics for the American publisher Dark Horse (The Shadow and Doc Savage, Tarzan...) and French publishers. They also design the sets, preparatory sketches and storyboards for movies. They assisted Dave Stevens on The Rocketeer. Stan & Vince have most recently provided the art for Zep's childrens' BD series Chronokids.

From the publisher:

Confessions without concessions ...In the late 1960s,Esmera Santeneo grew up in the Sacro Cuore school in Italy. In Italy in the 1960s, sex education is in its infancy and the pleasure of women is optional. The first of Esmera's adventures are often disappointing but instructive. When she finally manages to control her delight, she discovers that her body has a unique and exceptional power: it changes sex with every orgasm! Finding herself in the shoes of a woman or a man, Esmera will have the opportunity to explore relationships and pleasures from two perspectives: male and female.

In addition, aging twice as fast as the average person, this "super-heroine" will cross the century until 2010 and will be privileged to witness the sexual revolution and pleasure in the heart of our society. The talented and multifaceted Zep recounts the confessions of the beautiful in the graphic novel Esmera -- decidedly erotic, bold and uninhibited. The graphic novel is enhanced by the delicate and sensual illustrations of Vince.

Reserved for an informed public.

This luxury version of Esmera, limited to 999 signed & numbered copies, with unreleased bonus graphics, is an opportunity for all discerning collectors to appreciate, in a large format, the fineness of Vince's artwork.

Le mot de l'éditeur:

Confessions sans concessions... ,À la fin des années 1960, Esmera Santeneo grandit à l'école pour fille du Sacro Cuore en Italie. C'est dans cet environnement austère que la jeune fille voit ses premiers désirs charnels naître en elle. Partageant ses sentiments avec son amie Rachele, Esmera vivra ses premières expériences avec des garçons. Dans l'Italie des années 1960, l'éducation sexuelle est balbutiante et le plaisir de la femme, optionnel. Les premières aventures d'Esmera sont souvent décevantes mais riches en enseignements. Quand enfin elle parvient à maîtriser son plaisir, elle découvre que son corps possède un pouvoir unique et exceptionnel: elle change de sexe avec chaque orgasme!

En se retrouvant dans la peau d'une femme ou d'un homme, Esmera aura la possibilité d'explorer relations amoureuses et jouissances d'un double point de vue: masculin et féminin. De plus, vieillissant deux fois moins vite que le commun des mortels, cette « super-héroïne » charnelle traversera le siècle jusqu'aux années 2010 et sera le témoin privilégié de l'évolution de la sexualité et du plaisir au cœur de notre société.

Zep, talent aux multiples facettes, raconte les confessions de la belle Esmera dans un roman graphique résolument érotique, audacieux et sans complexes, sublimé par le trait délicat et sensuel de Vince. Réservé à un public averti. Cette version luxe d'Esmera, tirée à 999 exemplaires, numérotée signée, avec des bonus graphiques inédits, est l'occasion pour tous les collectionneurs avertis d'apprécier, en grand format, la finesse du dessin de Vince.



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Very Fine
One of 999 numbered copies signed by the artists



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15 inches
10 inches
96 pages
velvet covered boards

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