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The incredible exhibition catalogue for a 2007 museum exhibition of Chris Ware's work, featuring drawings, sketches, models, and selected ephemera related to his then-current graphic novel-in-progress Building Stories. It was only sold at the museum--and on our website! And we just bought the museum's last remaining copies.

Ware designed this catalogue which features rare and previously unpublished artwork. Ware also wrote all the text and captions, including this opening from the cover and first pages:

Consumer! Here is your complimentary exhibition guide for the otherwise baffling and completely unjustifiable public display of original cartoon drawings limned in blue pencil, ink and white-out on 4-ply series 500 Strathmore bristol board, by the obscure writer, artist and professional sentimentalist F. C. Ware., who, as a native Nebraskan himself, has for years mined his own memories of his Omaha past in the pages of his irregularly produced and culturally remote experimental annual periodical The ACME Novelty Library (and shows no apparent signs of letting up anytime soon.) Carefully selected from the artist's personal files with an eye towards presenting him in the most favorable light possible, the rakishly attractive and beguiling Mr. Ware has also penned a personal apology especially for the pages of this publication as well as hand-picked a brief overview of his recent published work, including a mercifully brief excerpt of otherwise unseen pages which likely, however, will prove of little interest to anyone other than the artist himself. This exhibition of the drawings of Chris Ware was mounted on the walls and nails of The Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, February 16th, 2007, where, amazingly, it hung for an uninterrupted 73 days, upon which time it was gleefully torn down and sent back to Mr. Ware, April the 29th, 2007, by the exasperated preparators, curators, and interns, who were more than ready to see it go.


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