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Dean Stuart is a gallery artist and an illustrator for magazines and books since 2007. This is a surreal fairy tale story illustrated with his wonderful enigmatic narrative paintings.

From the artist:

This story follows the main character after her bicycle accident as she delves into the unknown world of her unconscious. There she encounters strange creatures, some who want to keep her for themselves and some who want to help her find her way back together.

With this story I wanted to explore the world of fairy tale, that mixes the tragedy of reality with the possibilities of a mythical and dreamlike world.

I hope for this story to be an aid for those going through grief of loss, I believe the power of fairy tale allows the reader to leave a sense of reality to explore a difficult situation through a more colorful lens.

Finders Keepers is a fully illustrated fairy tale with 48 pages of written story and colorful pages. Hardback and smyth sewn binding.


Dean Stuart

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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket
Signed by the artist with a drawing



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10.5 inches
10.5 inches
56 pages
color illustrations
pictorial boards