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The 23rd Franka album--Geheim 1948 ("Secret 1948"). Rotterdam Maritime Museum, Amsterdam Centraal Train Station, Koopgoot, Casa de Colón, and experimental Nazi submarines and VTOL planes, all make appearances in this volume.

This deluxe edition of the popular series includes the 48-page color album and an additional 48 pages of Henk's background and development material with lots of studies, prelims, photos, and extra art.

Text in Dutch.

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In Geheim 1948 we see Franka as we have known her for years. She gets more or less accidentally entangled in an adventure that she finds too beautiful to pass up. It is not easy to explain how someone can have so much bad luck (or luck, it depends on how you look at it), but as readers we just have to be happy with it!

If you consider how many years the Franka comic has been around, it is actually difficult to comprehend that only 23 parts have been published. A glance inside the books of this popular series, however, and you know why. Henk Kuijpers is a true professional who pays a lot of attention to the research for his stories, and who incorporates dizzying detail into his drawings. Every time you open a new Franka book you know that you can expect it again. Sometimes, however, these details get a little in the way of the story. This is especially the case when Kuijpers makes a new book that is linked to the past. And so in this story there are again several pages where you almost have the idea of reading the Encyclopedia Britannica.

But oh well, what am I complaining about? Franka has been one of my favorite comics for years and Kuijpers' craftsmanship is indisputable.

Geheim 1948 is another beautiful volume that shows why Kuijpers has been at the top for so long. It is the first part of a diptych that certainly has you looking forward to the final part.


Henk Kuijpers

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