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A first edition/first printing of Ghost self-published by illustrators Chris Sasaki and Jeff Turley.

Signed by three of the four creators: writer Jesse Reffsin and illustrators Chris Sasaki and Jeff Turley. Jeff has also added a quick sketch.

Filled with illustrations by Chris Sasaki and Jeff Turley on nearly every one of its 164 pages, and beautifully designed cover to cover, this is a treasure.

Thirteen very short tales of mystery and imagination, with large illustrations incorporated, sometimes as doublepage spreads with a paragraph or two floating on one side or the other.

It is closest in style and sensibility to the Provensens' classic Golden Treasury of Myths and Legends.

From the creators:

Some of our most vivid childhood memories are of being huddled around a campfire, the hair on the back of our necks standing upright as we listened to tales of terrorÂ…or of staying up late, hiding beneath the covers with a flashlight in hand, reading a ghost story we swiped from our older brother. We all loved these stories that both ignited the imagination and stirred up feelings of dread that kept us up until morning's light broke.

However, we've been frustrated in our search to find collections of ghost stories that strike the classic tone of the books from our youth. Stories that are as surprising as they are terrifying. Stories that stick with us. Stories that we can tell the next time we find ourselves around a campfire.

GHOST is a collection of 13 original poems and tales written by Blaise Hemingway and Jesse Reffsin and illustrated by Chris Sasaki and Jeff Turley. The book is a hard bound, full color book- filled with nearly 160 pages of bone chilling stories and illustrations. With GHOST, we wanted to create new ghost tales for a new generation both written and illustrated in a classic, timeless style.


Chris Sasaki, Jeff Turley
Blaise Hemingway, Jesse Reffsin

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Fine, issued without dustjacket


Sasaki, Jeff Turley
Hemingway, Jesse Reffsin

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12 inches
9.25 inches
164 pages
color illustrations throughout
pictorial cloth