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A slick collection of illustrations including Captain America, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Wolverine, Black Widow, X-Men, the Avengers, some fantasy females, and Iron Man. This sketchbook is mostly greyscale pieces, with nine full-color: Bettie Page, a jungle girl, Black Cat, Iron Man, Loki, Gwen & Mary Jane.

Adi works as an illustrator and designer primarily for Marvel. His most notable works include the Iron Man: Extremis series, written by Warren Ellis, and his role as a conceptual designer and illustrator on the Iron Man films. He worked on the key characters including Iron Man, Iron Monger and War Machine, as well as creating keyframe illustrations for the action sequences. For comic work he is currently under an exclusive contract with Marvel and has produced covers for multiple series over the last few years, as well as a number of short interior stories.

Of his process, Adi says: "When working on a cover or a page, I produce rough sketches digitally. Once a final layout has been decided on, I tighten up the sketch and print it out. I then use a light box to transfer the sketch onto paper. I prefer smooth cotton paper like Fabriano or Arches watercolour boards, and I work at a size of 10"x15". I then create the piece using pencil, my current weapons of choice are a 2mm lead holder and a mechanical pencil, both 2B, and ink, including fine liners and brush pens. For washes I use watercolour or gouache, and occasionally use Copic markers, particularly for metallic surfaces. Once the piece is finished in greyscale, I then scan it into the computer and colour it digitally using Photoshop."


Adi Granov

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