Graphic Story World #1-4 - Set - From the Estate of Nick Meglin



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The first four issues of Richard Kyle's "Newsletter of the Graphic Story Arts"

"Kyle's twelve page newsletter packed a lot into its first issue. Along with news from the mainstream comic book publishers, with particular emphasis on Jack Kirby's current DC endeavors, Kyle included information on the latest conventions, fanzines, undergrounds (which were unencumbered by Comics Code restrictions since they were not sold through traditional outlets), foreign publications, animation and a column on Gil Kane's Blackmark illustrated novel by noted interviewer and author John Benson."

Fred Patten on the french humor strip "Asterix," The Spirit, ERB at DC, Hames Ware's column "Yesteryear: Whatever Happened to..?" Shel Dorf on comic strips, The Spirit, ERB at DC, and much more appear in these early issues.

#1 12 pages, #2 12 pages, #3 16 pages, #4 28 pages

This copy is from the collection of longtime Mad Magazine editor Nick Meglin with a Certificate of Authenticity "Madly Yours, From The Estate Collection of Nick Meglin" numbered and signed by his daughter Diane Meglin.


Condition & Attributes

From the collection of Nick Meglin with a Certificate of Authenticity

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Long Beach, CA
Richard Kyle

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11 inches
8.5 inches
40 pages
black & white