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GRAPHITE is a quarterly publication featuring inspirational artwork, interviews and tutorials on drawing, sketching and illustration. Issue 10 is the final issue in the series, and features a cover and interview by painter Chris Hong; an interview with ink artist Alexander Landerman; tutorials for drawing animals, monsters, characters, urban sketches, and epic sci-fi scenes by talented artists including Wayne Haag, Jana Heidersdorf, Julio Reyna, Virginia Greene, Sarah J. Mason, and Qianjiao Ma; and much more. GRAPHITE's focus on traditional media, elegant presentation, and in-depth resources make it a timelessly valuable addition to any art lover's shelf.

  • "Playfulness and dreaminess": An interview with Chris Hong
  • Harpy: Illustrating a mythological creature with Jana Heidersdorf
  • Astronaut meets alien: Illustrating in ink and pencil with Virginia Greene
  • Flora & Fauna: Animal illustration with Sarah Mason
  • The Gallery: A selection of inspiring drawings
  • Animals in ink: An interview with Alexander L. Landerman
  • New Orleans: Travel sketching with Qianjiao Ma
  • The Luthier: Sketching fantasy characters with Julio Reyna
  • Terraform: A narrative illustration project with Wayne Haag


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over 200 color illustrations
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