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From the creator:

What is HANGBoY?

The mischievous character who turns reality upside down, sprung to life on any medium that was readily available to him. In his infancy, HANGBoY could be found defiling himself on napkins, notebook pages, whiteboards, and even beach sand. Since then he has matured (a little) and can be found immortalized on more formal media such as full color prints and sculptures. In every situation, HANGBoY's message is clear: "Let's play!", as he never takes life too serious. What is HANGBoY WORLD WAR TOO?

In a way HBWWTOO is a military theme park. Lets just say I build the WWII movie sets and I let the HANGBoY characters roam free. These characters have a mind of their own. It's impossible to keep them under control!

All HANGBoYs look the same regardless of race or nation, only the uniforms, flags and logos separate them apart. I have been a fan of history, old school warfare and civilization for a long time. It is not entirely accurate but HBWWTOO is re-telling of history in a new way.

HBWWTOO was originally meant to be a smaller project with only a few illustrations, showing all the major events/battles during WW2, but just like the war, it is harder to get out than get in. After 5 years (with some insane hours spent on other projects at the same time), I have more than 50 illustrations of the most epic WWII events, and decided it would be worth making a book to share with people.


Pao Jitmakusol

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