Harvey Comics Classic Vol. 1: Casper: The Friendly Ghost



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Edited and designed by Leslie Cabarga. Introduction by Jerry Beck. Out of print.

From the publisher:

This grand complication contains over one hundred of Casper's very best stories, from the beginning of the Harvey series in 1952 through the classic years of the mid-1960s. If you enjoyed reading Casper as a child, you'll find that these wonderful, amusing, and beautifully drawn tales have stood the test of time. And your own children will find these mystical tales of the Enchanted Forest just as entrancing. The comics are reproduced from crisp black-and-white printer's proofs and original artwork from the old Harvey archives, along with 64 pages of color meticulously restored form the original comic books. The book also includes a comprehensive introduction illustrated with historic memorabilia.

It's amazing how many comics fans who grew up admiring Spider-Man, Batman and Nick Fury still retain warm places in our hearts for Casper the Friendly Ghost. Now Dark Horse is delighted to participate in the revival of Casper who remains among the most beloved of cartoon and comic book icons. Casper the Friendly Ghost made his first appearance as a star of Paramount's Famous Cartoons in 1947 and entered the comics in 1949. But after five issues, publisher St. John's gave up the title. That's when Harvey Comics stepped in, and where this book begins. Harvey breathed life into Casper, and from the very first issue, the cover designs, stories and artwork - drawn by the same animators who worked on the cartoons - were a cut above.


Marty Taras, Dave Tendlar, Warren Kremer, Harvey Post

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Near Fine (very slight wear to covers otherwise Fine, very flat, tight, clean)


Taras, Dave Tendlar, Warren Kremer, Harvey Post

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Dark Horse Books

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10 inches
7 inches
480 pages
black & white with 64 pages in color