Hitodenasi no Koi (The Love of the Brute)



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Hiroaki Samura is best known as the artist of Blade of the Immortal. This is Hiroaki Samura's collection of ero guro illustration. Mostly artwork, with a few pages of text in Japanese. For adults only.

From Vice:

"In the deranged world of ero guro nansensu, the stranger and grosser an illustration, the more prized it is. Common tropes of the 1930s-born Japanese artistic and literary movement include erotic asphyxiation (based on a real-life case at the time), a samurai slicing up a bound girl, snakes with human heads, or a contortionist sucking out the eyes of a young boy, rendered in traditional woodblock printing technique. And these are just milder examples of the surreal and macabre grotesqueries that continue to influence contemporary Japanese artists, including Toshio Saeki, Takato Yamamoto, and Suehiro Maruo.

"Not to be confused with pornography or horror, pure ero guro nansensu is distinctive in that it focuses on dark erotic fantasies paired with really disgusting things. The name is taken from the English words "erotic grotesque nonsense," and so blood and violent gore does not always necessarily feature in--a girl with ten eyeballs stuck in her genitals could be just as valid and incongruous. Back in the 1930s, these hand-drawn visuals were a response to the economic and political pressures that had begun to upbraid Japan's party state. As the country turned increasingly militant, Japan's already-long history and fascination with erotica thus became an intense exploration into the hedonistic, the sensationalist, the abnormal and taboo, reflecting not just newly-unearthed sensual desires but an eruption of extreme political change.

"The genre continued to evolve over the years, and, like a Reddit thread, unraveled into dozens of sub-genres, seeping into literary, musical and cinematic spheres. Flying Lotus' 2014 album You're Dead! (courtesy of Shintaro Kago), manga and hentai anime--perverse sexual fantasies--all feature ero guro, the latter spiralling deeper into themes of rape, mutilation, necrophilia and pedophilia. Hints of ero guro even appear in American graphic novelist Charles Burns' magnum opus, Black Hole."


Hiroaki Samura

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Izumi Comics
2nd 2017

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11.75 inches
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112 pages
black & white illustrations