Hogan's Alley #20



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The latest issue of "The Magazine of the Cartoon Arts" is finally here!

In this issue:

A long interview with Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell.

A look at the origin and development of the Tracy Twins from Boys' Life magazine.

An examination of the production of 1977's animated Hobbit TV special. Russell Potter describes the challenges in visually capturing the majesty of J.R.R. Tolkien's prose.

An exhaustive, amusing and informative look at the crop of imitators that sprang up in the wake of the success of Robert Ripley's phenomenally popular Believe It or Not cartoon.

An epic interview with John Dirks, son of legendary Katzenjammer Kids creator Rudolph Dirks.

Michael Jensen's feature examines the adaptation of some Shakespeare quotations to cocktail napkins.

Plus other features.


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