Ian Miller's Grim Tarock



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A deck of 78 tarot-sized art cards by fantasy art grand master Ian Miller, plus a Joker and six extra bonus cards with variant artwork, for a grand total of 85 different art cards.

  • 78 tarot-sized cards (70mm x 120mm)
  • 21 trump cards, 4 suits and 1 Fool
  • printed on premium 300gsm playing card board
  • matt lamination
  • plastic coated for durability
  • six extra bonus cards:
  • Bonus card #1: The World
  • Bonus card #2: Judgement
  • Bonus card #3: Ace of Chaos
  • Bonus card #4: The Magician
  • Bonus card #5: Strength
  • Bonus card #6: Justice

Every card has a different color illustration. "It was primarily designed as an art deck with suits based on iconic subjects from Ian's artwork - Citadels, Trees, Fish and Chaos, but with the right number/types of card so that it can be used for various types of traditional European games of tarock/tarocchi/ tarot. You can assign the suits as you wish."


Ian Miller

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine cards in Near Fine box (light wear to box due to the box being slightly larger than the deck of cards)
Print run of approximately 1000 copies



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Physical Description

4.75 inches
2.75 inches
85 color illustrations