Pin-up Art

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Meryene Schneider, Earl MacPherson, Schneider, Meryene, MacPherson, Earl, Near Fine (light spotting to the top edge, otherwise Fine), Livonia, MI, Stabur, 1991, 1st, 9780941613200, 11 inches, 8.5 inches, 48 pages, 21 color and 66 black & white illustrations, softcover, color wraps, English

Earl MacPherson, the originator of the Artist's Sketchpad style of pin-up calendars, presents his memoirs. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at...

Olivia De Berardinis, De Berardinis, Olivia, Near Fine (light spine wear, light thumb dents to covers), Robert Bane Editions, Los Angeles, 1992, 1st, 8 inches, 6 inches, 36 pages, 38 color illustrations, Softcover, color wraps, English

An illustrated catalog of Olivia's prints, published by the Los Angeles Gallery that represented her.


The Betty Page 3-D Picture Book
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Ray Zone, Zone, Ray, Near Fine (mild spine creases), Los Angeles, The 3-D Zone, 1989, 1st, 0925300012, 10.25 inches, 7.75 inches, 32 pages, color, Softcover, color wraps, English

3-D King Ray Zone published this collection of long-lost 3-D cheesecake photos of Betty Page. They were shot during the 1950s 3-D boom and forgotten. Get an...


Very Fine, Bruce Simon, Simon, Bruce, Bruce Simon, 2019, 11 inches, 8.5 inches, 144 pages, black & white illustrations, Softcover, wraps, English

From the publisher: Perhaps the largest collection of vintage Burlesque advertising ever offered between two scorching covers! Burlesque advertising...


Bill Presing, Presing, Bill, Very Fine, San Francisco, Chronicle Books, 2016, 1st, 9781452145372, 1452145377, 7 inches, 4 3/4 inches, 6 pages, color illustrations, Softcover, English

A collection of temporary tattoos based on strong women such as astronauts, athletes, pilots and more. Bill Presing is a story artist at Pixar and also...


1998 Pin-Up Calendar
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Very Fine, Christine Karas, Karas, Christine, Girlieworld, 1997, 1st, 28 pages, 16 color illustrations, Softcover, wraps

Paintings by Karas.


Jonny Negron, Negron, Jonny, Very Fine, Portland, Floating World Comics, 2016, 1st, 978-1-942801-94-8, 8.5 inches, 6 inches, 48 pages, color illustrations, Softcover, wraps, English

Jonny Negron's newest monograph collects the signature pinup illustrations that have gained him a cult following. Negron's art visualizes stylish ladies of...


The Vesha Valentine Story: A Pin-Up Story Book
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Des Taylor, Taylor, Des, Very Fine, Slave Labor Graphics, San Jose, 2011, 1st, 8.75 inches, 6.5 inches, 88 pages, color, Softcover, wraps, English

A picture biography of a fictional pin-up girl. A character created by British designer Des Taylor for an advertising campaign. Filled with excellent...


Dawn Genesis Edition
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Joseph Michael Linsner, Linsner, Joseph Michael, Near Fine, Wizard Entertainment, Congers, NY, 1999, 1st, 10.125 inches, 6.5 inches, 16 pages, black & white illustrations, Softcover, color wraps, English

This comic-book format gallery was published as a supplement to Wizard magazine #93 to promote Linsner's Dawn mini-series, Dawn: Return of the Goddess." The...