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Filled with art from the pages of obscure and rare books, magazines, calendars and ephemera from American and European Fin de Siecle primary sources. 17 pages of rarely seen color art by Heinrich Kley - with a special focus on his commercial heavy industry work. An 1912 Hans Christian Andersen calendar is reproduced in its entirety (!) with 13 beautiful paintings by Heinrich Lefler & Joseph Urban. J.M. Conde in the InkSpot! Plus: Arthur Rackham. Harvey Dunn. N.C. Wyeth. Rene Bull. Edmund Dulac. Charles Folkard. Hermann Vogel. and more... Excellent color reproduction on 100-lb. coated stock. Printed via Extra-fine screenless Stochastic printing. Cover by Kley.

His new issue features 58 rare illustrations from 1890 to 1919, faithfully captured in screenless Stochastic printing. Includes a large feature on Heinrich Kley, and also reprints the entire 1912 Andersen calender by Heinrich Lefler and Joseph Urban. Softcover, 9-in. x 12-in., 44 pages, full color.

NOTE: Limited to 2,000 copies.


Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
Limited to 2000 copies

Publishing Information

Palo Alto, CA
Jim Vadeboncoeur Jr. / JVJ Publishing

Physical Description

12 inches
9 inches
44 pages

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