Infinite Worlds: the Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art



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By science fiction artist Vincent di Fate, a modern history of Science Fiction art. With biographies & portfolios for some 100 artists. Nearly 700 color illustrations. Foreword by Ray Bradbury.

From the publisher:

Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art brings to those with an avid interest in the future, in art, and in science fiction, a lush, colorful, dynamic record of the development of science fiction art and of the great diversity of styles and approaches that this art form encompasses. Presented in nearly seven hundred carefully selected plates, Infinite Worlds assembles many of the finest examples of fantastic art ever created and incorporates these in a text that details the history and evolution of this fascinating subject.

Among the artists included: Frank Frazetta, John Berkey, Michael Whelan, Leo & Diane Dillon, James Bama, Jim Gurney, Marshal Arisman, Boris Vallejo, Richard M. Powers, Wayne Barlowe, Alex Schomburg, Chesley Bonestell, Jim Burns, Paul Lehr, Elliot Dold, Dean Ellis, Virgil Finlay, Frank Kelly Freas, Greg & Tim Hildebrandt, Frank R. Paul, Alex Raymond, J. Allen St. John, Stanley Meltzoff, John Schoenherr, Herb Tauss, and many others.

Di Fate begins with a 100-page history of science fiction art. The main part of Infinite Worlds is a listing of science fiction (not fantasy) illustrators, in most cases, offering a two-page spread with a short biographical description of the artist's career and several examples of their art. 


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