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Without preliminary sketching or planning, each painting evolves from random, expressive marks into figures simultaneously evoking movement and emotion. 49 original works in Berry's unique generative style.

Rick Berry is, to my mind, the most interesting and versatile artist currently working, conjuring faces and bodies and worlds out of formless chaos. Nothing's abstract, nothing's realistic. Patterns and shapes become flesh and people, clouds and fox-tails. --Neil Gaiman

Rick Berry is an award winning artist from the street. He left home at 17 and lucked-out in the Viet Nam draft lottery. He hitched from the Rockies to the East coast where his career successively moved into book covers, comics, film, theater, opera, and gallery work. Berry is credited with the first digital cover painting for a novel in the world; William Gibson's Neuromancer, 1984.

His artistic works have been collected by other creatives such as: Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer, William Gibson, Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, Graham Norton, and Peter Straub. Rick Berry's artistic contributions can be discovered at institutions worldwide including: the Museum of American Illustration, the Lucca Center for Contemporary Art in Italy, and both the Tufts Institute for Global Leadership and the University Collaborative Learning & Innovation Complex.


Rick Berry

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
Signed by Rick Berry



Publishing Information

Hampton Falls, NH
Donald M. Grant

Physical Description

12 inches
9 inches
48 pages
49 color illustrations
French wraps

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