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A thick new collection of Coll artwork. Artwork from Collier's and Everybody's Magazines. Many reproductions from the original art. No overlap with Art of Adventure. Essays by Nick Meglin and Gary Gianni.

From the publisher:

Coll defined the look of adventure illustration. No one has ever captured the menace of the Devil Doctor or Athelstan King's journeys into mystic lands the way Coll did. The struggle between the gallant Sir Denis Nayland Smith and his arch-nemesis the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu in Sax Rohmer's classic sagas breathe and move on the page. Every nuance of form and fantasy one could imagine is evoked in Talbot Mundy's incredible tale of intrigue, King of the Khyber Rifles. These epic encounters of heroes and villains locked in combat make up only a small portion of the nearly 250 illustrations in this the largest collection of Joseph Clement Coll's art ever produced.

This lost and forgotten art has now been collected in Flesk Publications' 208 page, Joseph Clement Coll: A Legacy in Line. Most of the 235 black & white and 15 color pieces in this second volume on Coll have been reprinted for the first time in decades. Many of these illustrations have been shot from the original drawings including eight sketches that have never been reproduced. Here are incredible illustrations by one of the world's greatest artists at the pinnacle of his career. It is art so expressive, so powerful that it will grab you and drag you wholly into whatever world Coll's imagination, and pen, chooses to go to next.


Joseph Clement Coll
John Fleskes

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Joseph Clement

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