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"An autobiography in images." This massive, beautifully produced art book is devoted to the life and works of French bande dessinée artist Andre Juillard (born 1948). Juillard is part of the clear-line school. While I have found some of his artwork in bande dessinée stiff, this book is filled with beautiful, loose drawings and watercolors (with many pages devoted to female figures, draped and undraped) and excellent examples of the clear line style. Lovely work throughout, beautifully and faithfully reproduced on heavy watercolor paper. Text in French.

Throughout these 432 pages which combine drawings and handwritten text, Andre Juillard unpacks his portfolios of drawings, memories, dreams, of life, declaring on the first pages that "for him, drawing is as necessary as breathing."

But what it confirms to us especially, it is the extraordinary power of his pencil which gives life and heart to his heroes.
This interval in the life of the author is an occasion to review his career. An astonishing and uncommon career where characters, cowboys, knights, corsairs, Indians and women - especially of the women! - meet within these pages, accompanied by the account of their creator.

Since it is a true tour through the heart of the artist, Andre Juillard testifies to his great admiration for his "mentors", Mezieres and Jije. But he also pays homage to his scenario writers, includingJacques Martin, father of Arno, Pierre Christin, and of course its accomplice Patrick Cothias, scenario writer of two major series in the career of Andre Juillard: 'Les 7 Vies de l'Epervier' and 'Plume aux Vents'."


Andre Juillard

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Galerie Daniel Maghen

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12 inches
9 inches
432 pages
color illustrations
cloth spine, pictorial boards

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