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Benjamin Flao is simply amazing in this French graphic novel. Action, humor, travel diary realism, documentary detail, as well as cartoon exaggeration.

Inspired by his travels to Kenya, a country ripe for adventure and contemplation, Flao continues and concludes the incredible adventures of Nain, an African Tom Sawyer, caught between tradition and modernity.

Kililana on the Lamu archipelago. After a big storm passes, Hassan is once again in search of his brother Naim. He is very worried because he thinks he's out to sea with Captain Jahid, fishing ... for fish, or hard drugs? In fact, Naim is in the boat but with Jahid Ali, who stole him. And they have with them the bones of the venerable Liogo Fumo, the last hero of their people, whom it was imperative to shelter from excavators and other earth moving equipment. Indeed, the whites began construction of their luxury resort on the same place where the remains of Liogo Humo rested under the sacred tree, watched always by Ali and his ancestors. The time is over for recklessness Naim and the Kililana locals.

Benjamin Flao brilliantly alternates adventure scenes with the most intimate moments, imperceptibly joining fiction and reality, and the harsh conditions of life existing on the Lamu archipelago. A modest way for him to commit to preserving this part of Kenya that he loves so much.


Benjamin Flao

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