Kung Fu Cooking Girls Underground Art Preview and Postcard Set



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A Limited Edition Underground art book, plus a set of six full-color postcards, for the full-length animated film, Kungfu Cooking Girls, produced by Wolf Smoke Animation Studio in Shanghai.

From the book:

"Kungfu Cooking Girls" is a short animated film that was completed by 3 people in 2011. Currently, it is being transformed it info a fully animated movie. Wolf Smoke's goal right now is to not only improve on the animation, but also the design and imagination for this title. For a small crew like our studio, this seems like a never ending journey! We hope that you guys can see our sincerest efforts in this small sketchbook.
This artbook is 100% handmade, with special vellum paper for layering effects. In addition, there is a unique hand-print seal manually applied to each book.
Only a limited number of this book were made and it will never be reprinted.

Character designs: Shao and Sophya
Prop designs
Background designs
Backgrounds (each background level is printed on its own vellum sheet, so you can see the five layers together or separately)

Binding mode: Hand-made Chinese traditional thread-bound sheets

The postcards reproduce backgrounds for the upcoming film.


Condition & Attributes

Very Fine

Publishing Information

Wolf Smoke Animation Studio

Physical Description

10 inches
7.5 inches
54 pages
black & white illustrations