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Blutch's La Beaute ("Beauty") is like many of his books: bold, mysterious, dream-like, enigmatic…This one contains 100 full-page wordless illustrations from which you can tease out a narrative or simply enjoy individually on their own.

One hundred images arranged in a comic book format. it plunges the reader into a disturbing world, filled with emotion and mystery. His art takes on a new dimension and reveals his incredible talent as a draftsman and storyteller. Bewitching and strange, Beauty masterfully closes a trilogy begun two years earlier with It Was happiness.

From an interview with Craig Thompson:

While your surface lines gush with spontaneity, I have a feeling the skeleton of the compositions are labored over. So Long, Silver Screen brims with intellectual agonizing. Is there a distinction for you between the writing and drawing process? What was it like to create a book like La Beauté that was entirely visual?

Yes, this is totally different. I did La Beauté because I wanted to make it without words and not using words for a cartoonist totally changes his relation to narration. I had a very different approach for each book. For So Long, Silver Screen, most of the time, the written idea preceded the picture and the picture illustrated the word, the idea, I think. Whereas in La Beauté, I was literally drawing the idea.



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