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This oversize deluxe edition is two inches taller and wider than the regular edition and adds eight pages of sketches and drawings. It is limited to 3000 copies, and accompanied by a beautiful, numbered black & white art print.

A graphic novel inspired by Animal Farm, beautifully illustrated by Felix Delep. Felix draws a variety of farm animals with incredible fluidity and the expressions and personality are so strong, it's hard to believe Le Château des animaux is his very first book.

From the publisher:

To laugh is already to no longer suffer.

Somewhere in France between the two world wars, nestled in the heart of a farm forgotten by men, the Castle of animals is led by the iron shoe of President Silvio... Seconded by a militia of dogs, the bull dictator exploits the other animals, all forced to do exhausting, painful work for the good of the community... Miss Bengalore, a fearful cat who only seeks to protect her two little ones, and César, a gigolo rabbit, will ally themselves with the wise and mysterious Azélar, a rat with glasses to preach resistance to injustice, to fight against fangs and claws with disobedience and mockery...

The first volume of a series planned for four volumes, Le Château des Animaux revisits George Orwell's Animal Farm (1945) and invites us to a multitude of reflections that are sometimes very current...


Rire, c'est déjà ne plus subir.

Quelque part dans la France de l'entre-deux guerres, niché au coeur d'une ferme oubliée des hommes, le Château des animaux est dirigé d'un sabot de fer par le président Silvio... Secondé par une milice de chiens, le taureau dictateur exploite les autres animaux, tous contraints à des travaux de peine épuisants pour le bien de la communauté... Miss Bengalore, chatte craintive qui ne cherche qu'à protéger ses deux petits, et César, un lapin gigolo, vont s'allier au sage et mystérieux Azélar, un rat à lunettes pour prôner la résistance à l'injustice, la lutte contre les crocs et les griffes par la désobéissance et le rire... Premier tome d'une série prévue en quatre volumes, Le Château des animaux revisite La Ferme des animaux de George Orwell (1945) et nous invite à une multitude de réflexions parfois très actuelles...


Félix Delep
Xavier Dorison

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine, issued without dustjacket
Limited to 3000 copies, accompanied by a numbered black & white art print



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14.75 inches
11.5 inches
80 pages
pictorial boards

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