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In this satirical graphic novel set in the sunny, riche French Riviera, Sfar applies his typical loose watercolor art style to models, designers, and other glamorati.

Former porn actress, Loulou Crystal, is the center of this graphic novel. Her boyfriend, Le Niçois, has come up with a plan to steal celebrity Kim Kestéchian's (inspired by Kim Kardashian) jewelry as Fashion Week unfolds.

From Paris Match:

For "Le Niçois - Fashion Week", Joann Sfar used the watercolor technique. He explains his choice: "It's watercolor and normally watercolor, it doesn't go too well with comics. My other comics are computer colored, very clean. But here I wanted to give the feeling that the characters were in front of me, as if they were drawings from life. I colored everything in watercolors, almost like in a notebook, to make the story more lively. "I still doubt. When a book comes out, I always want to apologize but this one I didn't feel like coloring it any other way. These are the same techniques that I use for Paris Match when I do my drawing every two weeks. Except that for Paris Match, it's a single drawing. There it was a challenge to put several watercolor drawings on one page. It's a pretty jarring exercise. There are pages where it works better than others, but it's very musical. It's a technique that I like. I know that with my readers, it is very clear cut. Some love it, others hate it. I try to please everyone according to the book."


Jacques Merenda, alias le Niçois, passe une soirée aussi peu tranquille que d'habitude avec son amoureuse, Loulou Crystal. Un coup de fil, et les voilà en route au débotté pour la capitale – ils étaient à Nice, évidemment, où d'autre ? But du déplacement en terre hostile : un gros coup. Un très gros coup. Une vedette à détrousser, au sens figuré, cette fois. Des bijoux. En pleine Fashion Week, on peut être sûrs que les flics seront occupés à mater beaucoup plus bas qu'il ne faudrait pour surveiller les colliers, bagues, et autres colifichets de la vedette. Ça va être facile, dans deux jours, ils sont de retour sur la Côte...

Joann Sfar poursuit les aventures du Niçois en bande dessinée !


Joann Sfar

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