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Let yourself be transported by Étienne Le Roux's poetic and elegant style (Le Temple du passé, 14/18, Le Serment de l'ambre).

This sketchbook offers you a exciting stroll in a daydream world. Nude women subtly drawn are nestled in the first pages of this book. Le Roux's style is delicate, fluid and precise in the same time.

Within the pages, women become wild, warriors or amazones, and gentleness is replaced by a perfectly executed heroic-fantasy universe.

Then, Étienne Le Roux make us cross the boundaries of both space and time : men wearing historical costumes, nice cow-boys, winged centaurs, roaring demons, stange insects, deformed monsters...They take us through streets, battle fields, imaginary planets, or cities with incredibly detailed architecture.

And finally the artist's style becomes more tormented with dark and dense flat areas when he draws the horror of war.

But, over the pages, we're reminded of Étienne Le Roux's delicateness and precision as he draws this tribute to King-Kong or the space ships of the futurist closed-door comics Le Temple du passé.


Étienne Le Roux

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine
One of 900 numbered copies signed by the artist


Le Roux

Publishing Information

Comix Buro

Physical Description

8.7 inches
7.1 inches
48 pages

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