Les Cockpits de Jean-Luc Beghin



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Jean-Luc Beghin is a world renown aviation illustrator famous for his incredibly detailed and accurate illustrations of the cockpits of famous aircraft. Commissioned by newspapers and magazines and aircraft companies, and also published as prints, this is the first time these pieces have been collected into a book.

-Jean-Luc Beghin is a member of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA)-

"What I have tried to accomplish is an accurate recreation of a 180-degree perspective, completely unattainable through the view of single photograph. Piece by piece. each cockpit is assembled and seamlessly inked recreating the illusion seen only through the pilot's eyes. In my illustrations, every detail down to the last screw are accurately portrayed. My rendition is an attempt to reactivate, through perspective, the long thought to be forgotten synapses, connections between neurons from years or decades ago when pilots were being trained on the type. I have tried to recreate the sense of being in control of the aircraft's, 65, 1,000 or 2,000 hp from a Continental. Lycoming, Merlin or Allison engine. The only thing missing is the indescribable smell of the cockpit, a mixture of oil, grease and high octane gasoline."

From the publisher:

The arrival of Jean-Luc Béghin in the Cockpit collection is an opportunity and a privilege.

This artist brings us with a surgical precision into his magical aeronautical universe, made up of mythical encounters with the planes as well as the men who built aviation.


L'Arrivée de Jean-Luc Béghin au sein de la collection Cockpit est une chance et un privilège. Cet artiste au dessin d'une précision chirurgicale nous emmène dans son univers aéronautique magique, fait de rencontres mythiques aussi bien au niveau des avions que des hommes qui ont construit l'aviation avec un grand A et beaucoup de courage.

Vous serez conquis par son trait précis et par le niveau de détail incroyable des cockpits de ses avions, il vous donneront envie de prendre place à bord, de fermer les yeux et de partir loin, vivre des aventures et croiser des destins hors du commun.

Et pour ceux qui aiment faire rimer aviation et poésie, il feront la connaissance de Hubert, le basset français nostalgique qui leur servira de guide tout au long de cet Artbook, aussi bien inattendu qu'espéré par tous les afficionados de Zinc ou les amoureux de nez dans les étoiles.


Jean-Luc Beghin

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