Life Drawings Vol. 1 & 2: 2020 / 2021



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Sophie Li was born in Beijing, studied film in the US and animation in France, and is currently working as a character designer in animation.

Life Drawing is a nearly 400-page collection of her color life drawings and character designs derived from life drawing sessions.

From the artist:

My name is Sophie Li. I recently made 2 books of my recent 60+ weeks of life drawing works, from 2020.3-2021.9. They are from weekly life drawing sessions that I co-host, and then made into character designs and illustrations of my own.

I'd love to call it a zine, but the total pages plus cover is around 400 pages so it is a bit thick to be considered a zine :").

Book 1 : 2020 Life Drawings - Sophie Li
Size: 21cm x 21cm
Page: 92 pages

Book 2 : 2021 Life Drawings Vol. 2 - Sophie Li
Size: 21cm x 21cm
Pages: 304 pages

Binding: Heavy paper cover, 120g paper for inside pages, exposed spine thread binding. Very flexible spine, opens flat.

From Sophie's introduction to Volume 1:

This is a collection of online life drawings I did since the start of covid 03/2020 ~08/2020.

Most were from Zeet Studio's sketch sessions which I hosted with Koro. We've been hosting in-person weekly drawing sessions in Beijing, China for a bit over 2 years, until 2019 when I left for school at Gobelins in Paris.

April 2020, I was 3rd year at student Gobelins in Paris, and we were all stuck at home, with all drawing events suspended. Still wanting to have some place to draw together, we moved the sessions online!

From 3/2020-8/22/2020, we had 20 sessions...I also stumbled upon many great life drawing groups around the globe that also bloomed at the same time. I included some of my sketches from those sessions in here as "Bonus Tracks" too.

A note on this life drawing book:

As the weeks go on, I started to create a different character design from the theme of each week, and experimented with different drawing styles and techniques I wanted to focus on with the character. Therefore, each week could be seen as a stand-alone design brainstorm session, that was inspired by the model, but reinvented and looked nothing like them.

From Sophie's introduction to Volume 2:

This collection includes weekly online life drawing sessions every Saturday from 09/2020-09/2021.

Almost all were from Zeet studio's online sessions... Each week I helped plan, find model, film and prep for the sessions... Kind of a coincidence that the timeline aligned with our school year. These drawings accompanied my last year at Gobelins Ecole.


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