Life Is A Donut: Selected Cartoons from THE POET - Volume 3



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From the publisher:

The Poet is the comic strip quietly taking the internet by storm -- one unsuspecting new reader at a time -- and has been described as being "like PEANUTS, but if Linus was an old man and Woodstock had an attitude."

Life Is A Donut is the third collection of The Poet comic strips, and follows its uniquely thoughtful cast of characters: the Poet, the Pigeon, and the Park Bench as they contemplate our silly place in the grand scheme of things, the meaning of poetry, and donuts.

"The Poet has a sense of humor about thinking hard and feeling deeply while not apologizing for such outrageous behavior. It's refreshing." -- Hal Hartley, film director

"Serene, existential, and self aware, Todd Webb's The Poet is a humorous and ultimately helpful respite from... everything." -- Adam J. Kurtz, author of Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives

"These gently funny comics give a glimpse of a poet making his way in the world, accompanied by a somewhat skeptical bird. The two in combination strike a happy balance between dreaminess and the corporeal world, so that what emerges is an overall sense of love for poetry and its makers - the kind of love that's intimate enough to make space for poking fun. (It also makes space for a talking bench, which is an inarguably good thing.)" -- Heather Christle, poet and author of What is Amazing and The Crying Book

"Todd Webb has figured out what poetry was missing all these years - PICTURES " -- Derek Drymon, creative director of SpongeBob Squarepants & executive producer of Adventure Time

Self-published comics from cartoonist/musician Todd Webb (Seamonster, Mr Toast, Nickelodeon Magazine, The Adventures of Danny and Mike, Yo Gabba Gabba, Gallery1988, etc).


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