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These wonderful fanciful drawings by Swedish illustrator/animator Erik Svetoft remind me of Nicolas de Crecy. A beautifully produced book by the publisher of Mattias Adolfsson's sketchbooks.

From the publisher:

LIMBO is Erik Svetoft's debut book.

Intricate, detailed and elaborated compositions of crowded and busy scenes rendered in a totally unique style is the characteristic of Erik's illustrations and drawings.

Influences include comic book aesthetics, popular culture and music. Erik graduated in 2015 from HDK in Gothenburg with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design and is now freelancing as an illustrator and 2D animator. He lives and works in Sweden.

The books title is printed on stickers, all books are assembled by hand, making each book unique.


"If you read this blog regularly, you'll know the most exciting take-away from ELCAF festival earlier this year for me was the discovery of a fantastic new (to me) artist in the form of Erik Svetoft [] his handle on technique is impressive, his textures building layers of character and personality; unencumbered, without losing dynamism. There's an incredible sense of narrative in some of his illustrations: particularly the interlocking crowd scenes, but more than anything there's a very palpable live-ness, a warm viscerality: you're not just looking at a well-drawn picture, you're looking at a happening, something taking place- that feeling, the strand of emotion is present even in more stationary, traditional renderings, I've been wanting and meaning to ask Erik to chat for a while, something which we finally got around to this week."



Erik Svetoft

Condition & Attributes

Very Fine



Publishing Information

Strangnas, Sweden
Sanatorium Forlag

Physical Description

9.4 inches
6 inches
80 pages
color and black & white illustrations

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