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I met Lucio Perinotto for the first time 15 years ago. Stumbled upon his paintings at an exhibition in the lobby of a Paris airport, I began looking for the artist with the intention of becoming the proud owner of one of them. Stumbled, but under the spell of these oils in black and white, Super Constellation, DC3, DC4, Boeing 314 Clipper, Dewoitine-338, splitting the Manhattan skyline or preparing for long trips over the North Atlantic in rainy and lively post-war skies of La Guardia, London and Amsterdam-Schiphol. A simple, effective style, combined with an amazing treatment of the play of light gives the works of Lucio Perinotto an exceptional vitality.

The paintings of Lucio Perinotto are not silent, you hear the roar of engines, you share the magic of flight, the concentration of pilots. It emerges from the works of Lucio Perinotto a particular climate, marked by a certain nostalgia for a time when air travel was a rare luxury reserved for the elite. In short, Lucio Perinotto is a unique artist.

This book collects Lucio Perinotto's most beautiful illustrations for the covers of Fana Aviation, another facet of the artist.

-- Frédéric Beniada journalist France-Info, a member of the Aero Club of France

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Lucio Perinotto

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