Mañana: Latinx Comics From The 25th Century - English Language Hardcover



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What awaits Latin America in the next 500 years?

MAÑANA: Latinx Comics From The 25th Century is the first sci-fi comics anthology from P&M Press, featuring 27 stories by Latinx creators from across the hemisphere, available here as a 6.25" x 10.5" hardcover volume with iridescent silver foil stamping and edges.

Set throughout Latin America in the 2490s and beyond, MAÑANA presents readers with a radical array of futures, ranging from post-apocalypse, to liberationist utopia, to slice-of-life magical realism.

"El futuro es nuestro." The future is ours.

Featuring work by:

A. Cole and Fawn Prince •  Alberto Rayo and Sebastian Carrillo •  Alex Hernandez and Jemma Salume •  Andres D. Bravo •  Ashley Gallagher and Mar Julia •  Desiree Rodriguez and Naomi Franquiz •  H. Pueyo and Dante Luiz •  Hernán Guarderas and Rosa Cólon Guerra • Jamila Rowser and Maddi Gonzalez • Joamette Gil (editor) • John J. Pérez and Beli de la Torre • Juliette G.M.M. López • Julio Anta and Anastasia Longoria • Kat Fajardo • Kayla Moore and Yury Guzman • Leonardo Faierman and Richard Zela • Malka Older and Gabriela Maria Palomo • Matías Julio and Fanfi • Mirelle Ortega (cover) • Omar Morales and Nic Touris • Paloma Hernando and Gabriela Gutiérrez • Rico Taveras and Lonnie Garcia • Ryan Estrada and Ana Hinojosa • Sylvia Artiga and Andrea Rosales • Taiyari • Terry Blas and Andrea Rosales • Tristan J. Tarwater and Molly Mendoza • Victor Santiago and Rodrigo Reyes Rico


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Portland, OR
Power & Magic Press

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10.5 inches
6.9 inches
304 pages
black & white
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