Manga Style 2: Hqubes



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158 color illustrations of girls, space girls, warrior girls, horned girls and other fantasy girls.

Artist bio in English and Spanish on the front flap, the rest is pure art!  

About the artist:

Hello! I am known by my internet name hqubes, but you may call me Qubes! I am a small digital artist from Singapore, the tiny island city-state, and drawing has been a long-time hobby of mine. Most of my works are personal and revolve around the sci-fi genre, in particular mechs, monsters and cute girls! Some of my works may be a little spicy, but where's the fun when it isn't?

My art journey began only recently, in 2020, and I hope I'll a lot more going forward. I don't have big dreams for my work -- it's mainly been just a strong personal hobby of mine which I use to relax. In spite of it, I do hope others may find some joy in the shapes and colours I put down. Each piece I make is very personal to me (even if they don't seem like it) and each one represents a small part of my artistic journey for which I am very glad to be able to share with others.

If you're a young budding artist reading this, and you're not sure if your art will ever be 'good enough', rest assured it will be -- it just takes time, practice, and a good dollop of patience. I used to have the same doubts myself, and to some extent I still do now. Trust me, it gets better as long as you keep at it.





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Palma de Mallorca
Ominiky Ediciones

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8.2 inches
6.1 inches
120 pages
color illustrations throughout
French wraps