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For animation students and fans, a how-to book for character design, Sandro Cleuzo presents the tenets of how to create a character, from conducting research to analyzing the form to creating expressions and more.

From Sandro Cleuzo:

This book is a result of the Master of Character Design [workshop] that I held in 2014 at the NEMO Academy in Florence... In these pages, I want to take you behind the scenes of this wonderful job, by telling you about my approach in creating great-looking characters. In this book you'll find tips and secrets that I'd like to share with all who wish to learn this beautiful art. Create and give life to new characters, the future protagonists of new adventures!

Sandro Cleuzo is an animation veteran who has worked for many of the most well-known studios in the industry including: Don Bluth Studios, Walt Disney Animation, DreamWorks and Rovio Entertainment on films such as The Secret of Nimh, Anastasia, Tarzan, Enchanted, Angry Birds, and more.


Sandro Cleuzo

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La Citta delle Nuvole / Nemo Academy

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8.25 inches
11.75 inches
94 pages
color and black & white illustrations

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