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This 480-page omnibus includes all the Arzach episodes, The Airtight Garage serial, The Horny Goof, The Long Tomorrow, The Man from Ciguri, and numerous short stories.

From the back cover:

Moebius: l'Oeuvre Hermétique ["Moebius: The Hermetic Work"] brings together all of Moebius' personal comics produced during the golden age of Metal Hurlant magazine (1975-1987), to which are added the later pages of Arzach and the Hermetic Garage sequel: The Man from Ciguri.

The afterword by Claude Ecken recounts the epic of the 1970s, When moebius revolutionized world comics, stripping the laws of storytelling and inventing an aesthetic universe, in an artistic attitude profoundly new in the practice of comics.

One of the essentials of the century.

From the publisher:

This book collects, for the first time, all of the works that Moebius produced in his Metal Hurlant period--and L'Homme du Ciguri (produced after the magazine's end). This impressive collection therefore includes numerous masterpieces that have had a worldwide impact, including the Arzach episodes, The Airtight Garage serial, and dozens of other stories. With an illustrated 10-page afterword by Claude Ecken, "The Three Pillars of Creation."

Co-founder of Métal Hurlant magazine and Les Humanoïdes Associés, Moebius has profoundly changed the aesthetics of science fiction and the narrative modes of the comic genre. With Arzach, Le Major Fatal and dozens of stories (La Déviation, Cauchemar Blanc), Moebius' work had a worldwide impact, influencing a whole generation of authors in France, the United States and Japan. Now the universe of Moebius belongs to the imagination of the twentieth century. This is what you can (re) discover in this album, bringing together the short and long stories published by Moebius during his Metal Hurlant period.


Les histoires déjantées de Moebius, parues pendant sa période Métal Hurlant.

Cofondateur du magazine Métal Hurlant et des Humanoïdes Associés, Moebius a profondément changé l'esthétique de la science fiction et les modes narratifs du genre en bande dessinée. Avec Arzach, Le Major Fatal et des dizaines d'histoires (La Déviation, Cauchemar Blanc), l'oeuvre de Moebius a eu un retentissement mondial, influençant toute une génération d'auteurs en France, aux États-Unis ou au Japon. Désormais l'univers de Moebius appartient à l'imaginaire du vingtième siècle. C'est ce que permettent de (re)découvrir ces albums, regroupant les histoires courtes et longues publiées par Moebius pendant sa période Métal Hurlant.


Moebius (Jean Giraud)

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Moebius (Jean Giraud)

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Les Humanoides Associes

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12.5 inches
9.4 inches
480 pages
color and black & white
pictorial boards

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