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Denis Sire's first book. Collecting his short science fiction comic stories inspired by Flash Gordon.


Denis Sire (1953 - 2019) was part of a new wave of French comics authors who innovated the medium in the 1970s with more experimental and artistic comics for adult-oriented magazines like Métal Hurlant and L'Écho des Savanes. Sire in particular tackled genres like science fiction and erotic fetishism with a strong retro vibe. His comics pages and illustrations are filled with American automobiles, motorcycles, beautiful women, bondage and rock 'n' roll music in a 1950s atmosphere. As a comics artist, he is best-known for his series 'Menace diabolique' (1979) and 'Bois Willys' (1977-1981).

In 1976, Sire presented his work to Métal Hurlant, the groundbreaking French comics magazine by Moebius, Jean-Pierre Dionnet and Philippe Druillet. Sire offered an initial version of his comics series 'Bois Willys', but since the editors wanted science fiction material, Sire developed the hero 'Maurice Leblanc' instead. With no particular interest in sci-fi, Sire's only influences were Alex Raymond's classic space opera 'Flash Gordon' and American 1930s pulp novels, which resulted in his trademark retro approach. Adding to the pulp touch were the many naked women who demanded our hero's attention. Maurice Leblanc, no intentional reference to the author of gentleman thief 'Arsène Lupin', appeared in several short and longer stories, including the serials 'Planète Diabolique' (1977) and 'Grand Piège' (1978). They were collected by Les Humanoïdes Associés in the album 'Menace diabolique' (1979).


Denis Sire

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Les Humanoides Associes

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