The Art of Petar Meseldzija

The Art of Petar Meseldzija



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The first full-color retrospective art book devoted to Petar Meseldzija (The Legend of Steel Bashaw, Source of Imagination). Edited & designed by Petar himself. 

An Introduction by Gregory Manchess. "From comics to painting": a 5-page artist statement and autobiographical sketch. And 150 pages of artwork divided into Posters, Books, Book Covers, Personal Projects and private Commissions, and Fine Art.

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From the publisher:

Petar Meseldzija is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest artists in the field of contemporary fantastic art. His style resembles artists like Rembrandt, Rubens, Frank Frazetta & Alan Lee.  He has come a long and interesting way from drawing comic books like Tarzan to the fully dedicated painter he is today. Among many awards which he received for his work are:

* Plaque The International Golden Pen of Belgrade’, 1994 Yugoslavia;
* ‘Art Show Judges Choice Award 59th World Science Fiction Convention’, Philadelphia 2001 US.
* Two ‘Silver awards’ from ‘Spectrum 4’ and ‘Spectrum 10 - The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art’, 1997/2003, U.S.
* ‘Gold award’ from ‘Spectrum 16 -The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art’, 2009, U.S.

In ‘The Art of Petar Meseldžija’ an overview of his work is presented. By magnifying elements of some of his paintings it becomes clear that we are dealing with a true master of arts.

From the Introduction by Gregory Manchess:

I already love this book. So many art books suffer from the verbose, banal descriptions of the very image the reader has before them, as if the picture must first be explained before the viewer can understand it.

Petar Meseldiija's work is far too good, far beyond mere technical description, to reduce it to intellectual banter. His paintings must be felt, allowed to draw one in, pull one from the everyday As with any skilled painter, the pieces work onmultiple levels, beyond mere description. He gets to me through the paint itself. He is an artist's artist, a painter's painter.

Meseldiija's pictures are fairly alive with nature, enhanced by an observation of reality that pours over with emotive paint application. The strokes have life, from the first bottom layers up through the value ranges and into the top layers of pigment. And wow, those top layers are exquisite. Study the dance of the strokes across the entire surface of his works. Notice how the brush works to define the shape without the labor, how each layer supports the one above, how they allow every passage to inform and thrill.


Petar Meseldzija

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Breda, Netherlands
Dark Dragon

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12.4 inches
9.4 inches
color and black & white illustrations
pictorial boards

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