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The massive out-of-print 272-page catalogue that accompanied the 2019 Moebius exhibition at the Ernst Museum in Brühl, Germany.

This art book features about 260 illustrations (including a four-page double fold-out of a Moebius mural) and several essays. The book is fully bilingual: the entire text is in German and English.


Preface by Jürgen Wilhelm
Wanderer between Worlds by Achim Sommer
Inside Moebius by Isabelle Giraud
Quotes from Jean Giraud
Selected Works
Moebius' Fantastic Voyage by Patrick Blümel
Beyond the Frame by Friederike Voßkamp
Bibliographic timeline
List of reproduced works
List of selected publications of Moebius

From the museum:

The Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR is showing an exhibition of visionary worlds by the eminent French comics illustrator and scenarist Jean Giraud (1938 - 2012), who attained international fame under the name Moebius. Moebius explored the spheres of dreams and science fiction and inspired films by George Lucas, Ridley Scott or Hayao Miyazaki with his design of an archaic-looking future. In his stories, utopian architecture and futuristic, mega-metropolitan cities teeming with people meet desert landscapes and shamanistic travels through space and time.

Moebius blurs the boundaries between the genres of comic strips and art. With his immense power of imagination, he created a constant flow of surreal worlds with his precisely placed lines. For decades he created iconic figures like the warrior Arzak, Major Grubert or the space travelers Stel and Atan. Together with them he also sends the viewers on adventure trips into the infinite worlds of his imagination.

The exhibition with approximately 450 works is devoted to Moebius"s extensive oeuvre and his complex picture stories: Beginning with his notebooks ("carnets"), in which he concentrated the fundamental ideas of his image production, and continuing via the scenically structured series of comics, sketched drawings, abstract paintings, up to his popular printed graphics, the spectrum of his fascinating art of drawing is spread out before our eyes. This exhibition of the work of Moebius is the result of an exclusive cooperation with Moebius Production.


Moebius (Jean Giraud)

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Moebius (Jean Giraud)

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