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This definitive edition collects issues #1 to #12 of the original Moonshadow series from Epic Comics (published from March 1985 to February 1987), with all revised pages from the second serialized run of Moonshadow issues #1 to #12 from Vertigo Comics (published from September 1994 to August 1995), along with the Farewell, Moonshadow graphic novella (published January 1997, from DC Comics/Vertigo).

From the publisher:

The poetic, philosophical, and groundbreaking Moonshadow gets a deluxe hardcover treatment, with a new introduction by writer J.M. DeMatteis and a new bonus section featuring concept art and early notes from the creative team.

A romantic, unreliable narrator leads us through his interplanetary coming-of-age story, as an older Moonshadow recounts his strange mixed-species birth in outer space, his escape from a deep-space zoo, and his struggles to survive in a war-torn universe.

With gorgeous watercolor artwork by Jon J Muth, this influential, timeless "fairy tale for adults" also includes the Farewell Moonshadow illustrated novella that gives fans a look at Moon's life after his tumultuous, space-faring teens and misadventures with the miscreant Ira. Digitally restored and including all original cover work, this volume also includes illustrations by Kent Williams and George Pratt and lettering by Kevin Nowlan.

"Beautiful, original, haunting" -Ray Bradbury

''Its lovely. It makes you feel better about comics.'' -Frank Miller


Jon J. Muth
J. M. DeMatteis

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