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Sandro Cleuzo is an animator from Brazil who has worked on many major animated features. This is his first children's picture book, set in the Brazilian jungle and featuring the indigenous people and animals.

"Some people are asking me how I drew and painted my new book. I like to do it mostly traditional, with markers, pencil and pen and then I scan and do some finishing touches in Photoshop. But the drawings and most of the color are traditional."

Here is Sandro's autobiographical sketch:

I started working in animation at the age 15 as an inbetweener. I learned on the job, working on TV commercials from 1985 to 1990. In the summer of 1990 I went to Ireland and applied to work at the Don Bluth's studio and was hired as an Animator. I worked there for four years until Don Bluth and the crew relocated to Phoenix, Arizona to start Fox Animation Studios. I re-joined them there and worked on "Anastasia" for two years. After that I applied to Disney Feature Animation in Burbank and was hired to work on "Fantasia 2000", animating the "Sprite" running away from the "Firebird". After that I worked as a Lead Animator on "The Emperor's New Groove", helped a little on "Tarzan" and became a Supervising Animator on "Home on the Range". During the production of Home on the Range I moved to Disney Florida to work on the, now shelved, production of "My People's". I moved back to Brazil and spent the next four years working as a freelancer Animator on projects such as Disney's "Enchanted", "Axterix and the Vikings", "Proud Family" and "Curious George". In 2008 I was hired to work on The Secret of the Furious Five and as an Animator on Disney's "The Princess and the Frog".


Sandro Cleuzo

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Florence, Italy
La Citta delle Nuvole Edizioni / Nemo Academy

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8.25 inches
11.25 inches
52 pages

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