Nils: The Tree of Life



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All three volumes of Nils, "a trilogy halfway between Nordic mythology and Miyazaki," in one volume and in English. Art and color by Antoine Carrion (artist of Temudjin). Carrion, previously working in video games and illustration, draws his influences from artists as Nicolas de Crecy, Milo Manara, Katsuhiro Otomo, Katsuya Terada and Sergio Toppi.

From the publisher:

The end of one world is the beginning of another.

In a distant future where nature has reclaimed much of the Earth, young Nils and his father set out to discover why the ground has recently grown infertile, only to discover a conspiracy between a high-tech neighboring kingdom and the supernatural beings who can offer them eternal life.

NILS is a dystopic Nordic fantasy, where spirits of light are the key to life, but seemingly have abandoned the world. Young Nils and his father set out to discover why the ground has grown infertile, heading north where the drought seems worse to find the cause. Far along the way, they find signs of fresh and vibrant life, caretaken by these little light spirits. But before they know it, a large metal creature arrives and attacks the creatures, apparently hunting and gathering them for the nearby high-tech Cyan Nation

High fantasy adventure combining science-fiction with pseudo-spiritual magic, posing dramatic examinations of man vs nature, life vs death, fact vs faith, and man's desire to play god.


Antoine Carrion
Jerome Hamon

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Very Fine, issued without dustjacket



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Magnetic Press

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12.25 inches
9.25 inches
184 pages
pictorial boards

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