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The Fast and the Furious meets Aliens in this space action comedy from two Spanish creators. A graphic novel in English.

The S.A.D (Search And Destroy) is more than a group of mercenaries. It's a little family of dangerous soldiers seasoned in hundreds of raids and battles. Fighting in small skirmishes or huge battlefields, invading planets, executing rescue missions, or hunting down fugitives.

Their motto is never take any job personally. In combat, everyone wants the S.A.D on their side, no one wants to confront them. If you want to rescue someone, invade a planet, or subdue your enemies, they are undoubtedly your best option. When there is a good amount of money, they will be on your side, no questions asked, nothin' personal, just business. But now all of their combat abilities and survival instincts will be tested when a simple rescue mission turns into the most dangerous job of their career...

From the co-creator and artist: "...with "Nothin' Personal" we want to bring back the tone of those stories that we saw in the movies of the 80's 90's, where a group of diverse heroes faced all kind of menace and danger. An action packed story full of adventure and humor, cursing, laser shootings, explosions, and from time to time a kitten, so we can make plushies and get filthy rich."


Josep Busquet

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Spaceman Project

Physical Description

10.7 inches
7.5 inches
160 pages
black & white with 16 pages in color
French wraps

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