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The new graphic novel from the Spanish commercial illustrator and creator of the GN The Black Holes (published in English under the title A Gift for a Ghost).

This is very much in the same universe as his previous graphic novel, with a similar wooded suburban setting and a trio of quirky young female characters depicted with blank faces, without eyes, nose or mouth, leaving the reader to imagine their expression in the moment.

The specifics of the story will be a mystery if one cannot read French, but I can't get enough of Borja's art and color!

Teresa works in a bookstore specializing in occultism and horror, in a town suffering a rash of sudden and unexplained disappearances. One evening, she summons Laura, a demoness who must grant the wish of the one who summoned her. Teresa must make a wish for Laura to disappear, but she has no idea what to do as a wish ... They then begin a quirky and funny cohabitation, interrupted by visits from Mathilde, a very shy young client.


Dans une ville théâtre d'une vague de disparitions soudaines et inexpliquées, Teresa est libraire spécialisée en fantastique, occultisme, horreur. Une de ses clientes régulières est Matilde, jeune fille timide habillée comme une otaku. Une nuit, dans la forêt, Teresa lance une incantation trouvée dans un livre et fait apparaître Laura, une démone dont le pouvoir est de réaliser le voeu de qui l'a appelée. Mais Teresa ne sait pas quoi demander ! Or, Laura ne peut repartir sans réaliser sa mission. Commence alors une cohabitation des plus étranges, souvent drôle, toujours décalée...


Borja Gonzalez

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