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"You hold in your hands a collection of artwork depicting the strangely odd, as well as images of untimely ends and things no longer of this mortal plane. All set in a Victorian time period to create a mood of mystery and eerieness that this time period instills in us all, enjoy."

Ruben is an illustrator and character designer.

This fantastic little book is filled with his finished color pieces (traditional and digital) as well as a little process.

Monsters, the undead, and other creepy cool creatures. Plus Harry Houdini, a Victorian Batman, and the Elephant Man.

Ruben has added an original ink drawing to each one!


Ruben Martinez

Condition & Attributes

Signed by the artist with a drawing



Publishing Information


Physical Description

8.5 inches
5.5 inches
40 pages
color and black & white illustrations
pictorial boards

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