Odyssey: Pencilled Version + Artbook



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The entire 80-page wordless graphic novel in its pencilled form prior to inking, and 48 pages of sketches and drawings of the characters, and panel and page exploration.

An artbook documenting Fabio Visintin's creative process telling Homer's Odyssey using sequential art, and no dialogue.

From the artist:

The images offer a poetic interpretation of the Homeric tale, but not without the fascination and meaning this masterpiece has left behind. My intention is to articulate a purely visual reading that flows like a long dream and can be enjoyed with eyes wide open. The Homeric Odysseus this version evokes, is at the same time a hero and a man that wants nothing but to return home, so that he can be reunited with his wife, son and land. A surprisingly modern character, so similar to many of the antiheroes we commonly relate to nowadays.


Fabio Visintin

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Spaceman Project

Physical Description

9.4 inches
6.75 inches
128 pages
black & white
French wraps

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