Hopscotch (La Marelle)

Hopscotch (La Marelle) (Signed)



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A collection of personal works by four visual development artists from Dreamworks PDI in Northern California. 

Lindsey Olivares is from a family of artists & animal lovers in San Diego, California. She studies animation at Ringling College. After graduation, she began work at PDI Dreamworks as a visual development artist. She currently resides in a small farming town by the Sacramento River where she is pursuing a freelance career in illustration. She loves people watching and caricatures. Here is a collection of a few of her victims at a company meeting.

Stevie Lewis originated from the desert lands of Southern California where the Joshua trees are a-plenty. During her youth, she enjoyed her fair share of Sailor Moon and Disney movies. After graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design, she flew over to San Francisco where she currently lives with her two dogs, Kiki and Tigger. Aside from working at PDI Dreamworks as a visual development artist, she enjoys vintage shopping, baking cookies, lovely friends, and of course ... a delicious cup of coffee!

Priscilla Wong is a visual development artist who graduated from San Jose State University. She is a shrunkenheadman from the deep brambles of Hunter's Point, San Francisco. She currently works at PDI Dreamworks. In addition to drawing and painting everyday, she is a fashion enthusiast and lover of great design. She also loves all things blue: blue bikes, blue bottle coffee, blue shoes and blue specs.

Floriane Marchix is a visual development artist with pigtails. After graduating from Gobelins l'Ecole de l'Image in Paris, she worked in the video games and animation industry. Eventually, she left the French land of frog legs and stinky cheese, to work at PDI Dreamworks Animation in San Francisco. Some of her favorite things: her Wacom pen, crazy striped socks, and of course, a baguette!


Lindsey Olivares, Stevie Lewis, Priscilla Wong, Floriane Marchix

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Very Fine
Signed by all four of the artists


Olivares, Stevie Lewis, Priscilla Wong, Floriane Marchix

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8 inches
5 inches
78 pages

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