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Jaime Hernandez sold us his extra copies of Love and Rockets and kindly signed every one on the first page.

After the 50th issue of Love and Rockets (First Series), Jaime continued his storytelling in a series of comic book miniseries like this, before reviving Love and Rockets (Second Series) in 2001.

This issue:

Penny Century--Ray has moved to a new town (Hollywood?) where he doesn't know anyone and doesn't fit in; He soliloquizes about the past, his sporadic sexual encounters with Penny Century and how he had fallen for her, plus his failed relationships with Danita Lincoln and Margarita Chascarrillo.

Fire Water--Two cowboys get drunk, stagger home through the desert, and encounter a devil.

Untitled Locas story--Maggie is working for Negra's mom, doing paperwork, and chauffering Negra.

La Pantera Negra--Norma (Negra's mom) catches Negra roaming the streets with her girlfriends, and takes her back home in a temper.

Hopey Hop Sacks--Hopey, in the bath, tells Maggie over the phone about Guy Goforth asking her out.

Penny Century (1997) comic-sized, black & white, 24 pages + color covers. Scripts and art by Jaime Hernandez.


Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

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Very Fine in book grading = NM-Mint in comic book grading
Signed by Jaime on the first page


Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

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10.2 inches
6.7 inches
28 pages
black & white
color wraps