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Jaime Hernandez sold us his extra copies of Love and Rockets and kindly signed every one on the first page.

After the 50th issue of Love and Rockets (First Series), Jaime continued his storytelling in a series of comic book miniseries like this, before reviving Love and Rockets (Second Series) in 2001.

This issue:

Untitled story--Ray remembers a heated teenage debate on the merits of rap music.

Election Day--Hopey is working as a volunteer clerk in a polling station; Maggie shows up and they hash out why Hopey is mad at her--Maggie did not show up at Costigan's funeral.

The Littlest Mermaid Princess Doe--In the wake of Costigan's death, Norma takes Negra away on holiday and they grow closer; But Negra stands to inherit Costigan's fortune, and behind the scenes forces are building up against Norma.

Election Day, part 2--Maggie meets Hopey and Guy at the polling station and they all go for some food, after which Hopey and Maggie argue.

Untitled story--A mother takes her children to an outdoor shelter as an H-Bomb explodes across the street.

Penny Century (1997) comic-sized, black & white, 24 pages + color covers. Scripts and art by Jaime Hernandez.


Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

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Very Fine in book grading = NM-Mint in comic book grading
Signed by Jaime on the first page


Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

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10.2 inches
6.7 inches
28 pages
black & white
color wraps