Poster Art of the Disney Parks - First Printing Signed by Tony Baxter and Six Imagineers



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Signed by seven contributors to the book who came to our store in September 2012 for an autographing session for this book. We have been long sold out but just bought one back from a customer!

This first printing is signed by:

  • Danny Handke -- co-author & Imagineer
  • Vanessa Hunt -- co-author & Imagineer
  • Tony Baxter -- Senior VP of Creative Development for Walt Disney Imagineering (wrote the forward)
  • Nicole Armitage -- artist
  • Will Eyerman -- artist & Imaginee
  • Greg Maletic -- artist
  • Tracy Trinast (Austin) -- artist

About the book:

Anyone who has ever walked through the gates at a Disney Park knows that there is a magical experience waiting to be had on the other side. All of the telltale signs are there: the sound of joyful music pipes across the promenade; the smells of popcorn and cookies waft through the air; and the colorful attraction posters depict all the wonderful rides and shows created for Guests by the Imagineers. Poster Art of the Disney Parks is a tribute to those posters, which begin telling the story of each attraction even before Guests have entered the queue area.

Disney attraction posters have been an important means of communication since Disneyland began displaying them in 1956. Not only are they eye-catching pieces of artwork that adorn the Parks with flair and style, they are also displayed to build excitement and disseminate information about the newest additions to the Disney landscape. When the first attraction posters made their debut at Disneyland, one such piece of art proclaimed that Guests could have a "true-life adventure" on the Jungle Cruise. And in 2012 at Disney California Adventure, a poster announced the grand opening of Cars Land--the newest thrill-filled destination at the Disneyland Resort. Both of those posters are reproduced within this book, along with posters from every decade in between.

As evidenced by the evolution of the attraction posters, art styles and design techniques have certainly changed over the years. These characteristics also differ from continent to continent. Posters from Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland exhibit the nuances in presentation that give each Park's pantheon of posters its signature look. But while artistic interpretations and color palettes may vary from Park to Park and from year to year, the spirit of Disney storytelling is a constant that ties them all together.



Daniel Handke, Vanessa Hunt

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Signed by seven contributors to the book


Handke, Vanessa Hunt

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