Night of the Living Vidiots

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128 pages of short-form comic stories from Andy Ristaino, comic creator and lead character designer of Adventure Time.

From the author:

Sci-fi, horror, and comedy melted together and topped with a Twilight Zone twist.  Darkly funny tales featuring mad science, gothic anime, TV zombies, kaiju, giant robots, monsters from the deep, and even a haunted sweatshirt. 

If you’re familiar with my work you might have seen my comics appear in anthologies like Popgun from Image comics or Tales of Hot Rod Horror from Cackling Imp Press.  Now those stories have been expanded, reformatted, and collected with lots of spooky/funny never-before-published stories in a full color anthology:

All the stories will now appear in EYE-BLEEDING COLOR!  
Most of the stories have been EXPANDED, some by a page or two, some by over 20 pages!
Some of the stories have been COMPLETELY REDRAWN!
Some are stories that have NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED!

The NIGHT OF THE LIVING VIDIOTS anthology includes the following stories:

Night of the Living Vidiots  (expanded 2 new pages!)
Life’s a Drag  (now in full color!  expanded from a twelve page comic to a 35 page comic!)
Frothy Beveraged Man (first time published!)
Corporation Earth Needs Your Help!  (first time published!)
Mangfish (first time published!)
The Secret Origin of Dr. Mario Bandini (completely redrawn, expanded, and now in full color!)
Mang I Have This Dance (first time published!)
Life’s a Gas (now in color!)
The All-New Adventures of Death Shirt (first time published!)


Andy Ristaino

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