El Viajero Lugubre (The Lugubrious Traveler): Julio Ruelas, Mexican Modernist 1870-1907

El Viajero Lugubre (The Lugubrious Traveler): Julio Ruelas, Mexican Modernist 1870-1907



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This is a generous collection of works by Julio Ruelas (1870-1907), an illustrator and painter of cadavers, hanged satyrs, bewitching maidens, sudden epiphanies and lovers' suicides. 
The minimal text is in both Spanish and English.

El Viajero Lúgubre: Julio Ruelas Modernista. 1870-1907

From the publisher:

Julio Ruelas (1870-1907) was (and remains) the foremost Mexican Symbolist, close to Odilon Redon or Gustave Moreau in his appetite for hallucinatory scenarios. For Jose Clemente Orozco, as for many others, Ruelas was the touchstone influence, and he was an important participant in the burgeoning arts of his day: he was the principal illustrator for the Revista Moderna, a magazine not dissimilar to the Yellow Book that published excellent Spanish translations of Novalis, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Baudelaire, as well as the poetry of Ruben Dario. Based on the centenary exhibition of the same name at the National Art Museum in Mexico City, The Lugubrious Traveler restores Ruelas to his rightful prominence. Detailed and authoritative texts by three of Mexico's most respected critics--Teresa del Conde, Carlos Monsivais and Antonio Saborit--explore the many facets of this curious artist, from his fauns, wraiths and succubae to his deeper and still disquieting trawling of the fin-de-siecle subconscious.

Julio Ruelas remains something of an enigma in Mexican art, and deserves to be much better known than he is. This book places Ruelas in the context that best sets off his work and significance, surrounded by his colleagues of the Revista Moderna, the flagship of Mexican and Latin-American “modernism,” which gave a new breath of life to a visual art seeking to shake off the fetters of the Academy. 


Julio Ruelas

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